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The Centre is designed from the start to be a specialized centre in knee surgery, arthroscopy, and sports injury surgery.

The design is generally similar to the international specialized centres and according to the laws and regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, where size of the rooms is taken into account, whether operating rooms (forty square meters) or patient rooms (eight square meters at least per bed). Although the total project area is very limited, privacy is strongly considered, where each room and each unit is separated from the other in relation to light, space and noise as much as possible, and all the doors are self-closing and sound proof.

All surfaces and floors are cleaned daily (and sometimes more than once a day) and all of them are smooth and strong and made ​​up of marble or porcelain, paints are oil scratch-resistant and there are no edges or protrusions so as not to give the opportunity for growth of microorganisms on them.

All equipments are movable such as beds and the rest of the room contents for the ease of room cleaning and\or disinfection, as it is emptied from all its contents.

The rooms’ components, surgeries devices and its machinery were selected with the utmost care to be at the best status and the highest possible level of efficiency.

From the beginning, the scientific aspects related to infection control were taken into account in the design. The necessary amendments were introduced prior to starting up and all the procedures and modifications of this important aspect of the practice of orthopaedic surgery in general, were effected according to the recommendations of the relevant committee, which is always chaired by consultants specialized in infection control.

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Dr. Akram Mohammed Daoudi


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