The worst thing is facing in life that get sick,     and then can not find the material resources that help him to receive appropriate treatment  rich Atqlgahm issue,     Treatment is easy and accessible and available both at home and abroad  problem in poor and sons middle class who turn their lives upside down when exposed a family member to the disease needs to be treated long or surgical intervention urgently,     due     for the cost of treatment excessive in value, both in terms of hospitalization or in terms of the cost of the treating physician,     let alone analysis The X-rays and so  !
Pursuant to the agreement held between me and the reader  and Rizki Ali God   the need to shed light between now and then to one of the positive examples in     in abundance in the community,     I’ll offer this week, personal medical distinct I do not know and do not know me,     learned his story from one of my relatives who found him in a state of disorder     is preparing to undergo surgery for a knee after his son told him that the resident physician in Cairo that the cost   52   thousand pounds  .
In an interview for my neighbor with one of his friends advised him to go to Alexandria to submit the case to Dr. Akram al-Daoudi, a specialist in the case of his daughter,     and told my neighbor that it will be completely different with the doctor Alexandrian despite being the second of two specialists in this type of operation on the level of Egypt  .
My neighbor traveled to Alexandria     which is very optimistic, thinking that the difference in the cost of the operation will cost at least in Cairo, but by simple fatigue, but his representative will travel  view the status of the son of the Alexandrian doctor, Dr. Ali Akram Davidian case that person, and then select a date process  my neighbor insisted on asking about the cost of the operation Aftmonh doctor that the issue will be, God willing, a soft  .
At the time the father went to the clinic where the doctor that is more like a small hospital  cared crew Assistant processing the son of the process  income     doctor to the operating room at the time dominated by feelings of anxiety and fear to the heart of the father and mother  physician Assistant requires parents to inform them that the process has the praise of God the best face  evening of the same day he visited the doctor daughter and Daabha conducted a set of tests to check on the result of the operation  thanked father a doctor and asked him about the cost  smiled and said to him,  :   when the accountant will know the details  .
Did not believe the father of his eyes as he read the bill  the cost of the operation, two thousand only of pounds are fare     doctor’s hand and then two thousand others to stay in the hospital and anesthesiologist and drugs that have been used  thanked Father Lord on the success of the operation and the cost hit by the decline from   52   alpha to   4   thousands only  of joy tried to parents giving   »  tip  «   crew of nurses and refused strongly,     and said that the hospital     give them more than their right and it is forbidden for them to     accept any gifts   ..
This model Esquire confirms that Egypt will continue to be fine as long as there are the likes of Dr Akram Daoudi and crew of doctors and nurses who work with him     within the system is still considered medicine Semitic message and not the Pope and the broad richness of the rapid  .
Note  : reiterate that the operation cost   4   thousand pounds while only request a doctor Cairo   –   which is just as famous doctor Alexandria   –   52     alpha gets them to   51   alpha taxi hand  This does not haram disclosure and trading the health of people and their suffering   !

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