The worst of human faces in his life to get sick, and then can not find the material resources that help him to receive

Appropriate treatmentrich Atqlgahm issue, Treatment is easy and accessible and available both at home and abroad problem in poor and middle-class who turn their lives upside down when exposed a family member to the disease needs to be treated long or interference urgent surgical,due to the cost of treatment in inordinate value both in terms of hospitalization or in terms of the cost of the treating physician, let alone analysis and X-rays and so
Pursuant to the agreement held between me and the reader and Rizki Ali God the need to shed light between now and then to one of the positive examples in abundance in the community,


10305652299I’ll offer this week, personal medical distinct I do not know and do not know me, learned his story from one of my relatives who found him in a state of disorder is preparing to undergo surgery for a knee after his son told him that the resident physician in Cairo that the cost  thousand pounds
In an interview for my neighbor with one of his friends advised him to go to Alexandria to submit the case to Dr. Akram al-Daoudi, a specialist in the case of his daughter,and told my neighbor that it will be completely different with the doctor Alexandrian despite being the second of two specialists in this type of operation on the level of Egypt

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