Operations Department

  • It was designed on the best status to infection control, where walls and floors have been covered with marble, which are scratch-resistant and give a smooth texture, easy to clean and do not leave any stains.
  • The department is equipped at the best potentials for surgical work in general, and arthroscopic surgery in particular, and all of the terms of joint arthroscopic special needs have also been put for this type of surgery, to be accessible to the surgeons’ hands whenever needed.
  • The centre is equipped with the most advanced apparatus for instruments sterilization, and for patients’ anaesthesia, and monitoring systems (Dräger).
  • Operative theatre crew was carefully selected where all of them have the skills and professionalism in various aspects of surgical work ranging from assistants, specialists, technicians and nurses, and ending with the cleaning workers.
  • All possible measures to combat contamination and maintain the highest levels of cleanliness have been implemented and considered a top priority, so all floors are made from solid smooth marble scratch resistant or porcelain and walls were all covered with washable paints without edges or protrusions. cleaning policies are based on a written protocol that was recommended by an advisory body to fight infection prior to entering services to the next patient.
  • A full inventory of operative theatre is to be conducted on Thursday of each week and work is halted on this day.
  • The standard of medical practice is strived to be perfect whatever the costs might be, and most of the medical consumables are used once, as it is universally recommended. Renewal of the medical equipments is carried out as necessity requires to do so.
  • Joints surgeries are performed successfully at the utmost level, starting from the daily arthroscopic surgeries and ending by joint replacements, which is considered as one of the major surgeries, since September 2009, when work has begun in the center.
  • The centre is geared up to receive most cases of joint surgeries and especially surgery of the knee joint even those rare ones concerned with the combined reconstruction of knee ligaments in one operation; (multi-ligament reconstruction) where all the facilities for such a kind of rare and sophisticated surgery are in hand.
  • Patient data are dealt with through a computer system where data are entered by the receptionist and can be reviewed in the operating room or the in-patient area or anywhere else in the centre via computers.
  • The most updated evidence-based scientific achievements in the field of knee surgery, arthroscopy and sports traumatology is conducted and enforced by attending international scientific conferences on a regular basis and organising scientific sessions, lectures and courses for the young surgeons.
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Training policy and maintaining the professional level:

The level of performance is evaluated for all employees in light of patients comments that are recorded on a daily basis and training courses are organised to upgrade the professional standard whenever the need arises. There is a system to encourage all employees to be always engaged in a study or training related to their work, and the Centre participates in this training both financially and morally.

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Regular maintenance is carried out systematically to all the centre contents by trained hands.

In-patient Department:

Contains seven beds and always takes into account the presence of a sufficient number of nursing supervisors or trained nurses to care for the patients of joints and arthroscopic surgeries.

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Modern scientific means are always taken into account in the centre management whether it’s in the medical or non-medical aspects; there are regular work meetings to determine, review and promote the level of service and performance.

Support Services

X-ray Unit:

Regular x-ray has been initiated in competitive prices since May 2013, in order to provide an integrated medical service, which saves patients’ time and effort. There is also an ultrasound Scan set for joints which is a modern speciality, however, it is still under development.

Laboratory Services :

Currently work is underway to set up the unit.

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Physiotherapy Unit :

Work in this unit is based on our faith of the importance and vitality of Physiotherapy Unit for patients with joint disease, and the need to establish an integrated work between orthopaedic surgeries in general and rehabilitation. The patient is followed up closely subsequent to the surgery and the rehabilitation is started as soon as his condition allows minimising the chance of having the complications known to delayed and \ or faulty rehabilitation protocol. The personnel as well as the equipment of the unit are up to the standard of Alexknee center, and adds to its strengths

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