Conference of the Egyptian Society of Orthopedics International


The Alexandria Center for arthroscopic knee and participate in the activities of news2
Conference of the Egyptian Society of Orthopedics Second International sixty

Cairo December 6 to 9, 2010

Participated Alexandria Center for knee and arthroscopic in the activities of the Second Annual Conference sixty Association Orthopedics Egyptian delegation consisting of Dr / Akram Daoudi consultant orthopedic and arthroscopic – Chairman of the Center, and Dr. / Ahmed Hassan Wali consultant binoculars surgery and knee cruciate ligament – a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, and Dr. / Ali Abdul Wahab – resident physician Center, where the delegation presented a lecture by shifting the Dr / Akram Daoudi, entitled:
The concept of single bundle augmentation in ACL reconstruction.

The conference was held during the period from the sixth to the ninth of the month of December 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo, attended by a large gathering of doctors from all over the world, and included a list of lecturers Conference on names such as: Rene Verdonk from Belgium, Eduardo Sadao Yonamine of Brazil, Cody Bünger from Denmark, Bahir-Edouard Elias of France …. etc..

For more information about the conference and the accompanying activities can refer to the official website of the Conference

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